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About Us


Since 1993, EMS Solutions has been providing the tools to assist health care professionals with the tons of administrative work that can be a challenge to maintain. EMS Solutions provides the software to help administrators and educators keep track of all the data that accompanies today's health care systems and training academies.


Specializing in providing administrative and training software primarily for Emergency Medical Services, EMS solutions offers a wide array of products to help administrators as well as those in the field with the paper work that goes with the Emergency Medical field. EMS Solutions offers products such as Mobile ICU administrative software which helps administrators keep track of their staff, records, certifications, important reports, vital pieces of equipment, hard assets that their services utilizes, and other things that accompany a ALS/ MICU unit.


We further specialize in educational program support, being the lead developer of WorldPoint ONE, the premier management tool for American Heart Association (AHA) training centers around the world. EMS Solutions was also instrumental in the development of the NAEMT Software Tools for course management.


Other products that EMS Solutions offers are:


  • BLS Squad Management Software
  • In-Hospital Personnel Management Software
  • Educational Tracking Management Program Software
  • EMT-B Training Center Program Management Software
  • Flight Program Administrative Management System software

In a field where workers are making life and death decisions on a daily basis, it is important to be well organized and be well prepared for situations that may arise. For EMS providers who are looking for a solution to help their units to stay organized, to be prepared, and stay up to date on educational courses and certifications, EMS Solutions is that solution!






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